Know Everything about Cytic Acne, Whitehead, Blackheads and Pimples

Know Everything about Cytic Acne, Whitehead, Blackheads and Pimples

Natural and Holistic treatments for Cystic Acne that really work

Also known as nodulocystic acne, cystic acne is a severe and excruciating form of the acne family. It is a form of acne that sadly will not get better by itself, however, a lot of people are shying away from modern medicine and therefore are looking for more natural, homoeopathic and holistic treatments in order to help alleviate the discomfort. Therefore, in this article, you will find some of the tried and tested natural treatments or tips that have actually helped cystic pimples.

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Ice Ice Baby

You don’t get much more natural than ice, right? and believe it or not, ice can be really helpful on the battle against cystic acne and can help reduce pain too. By placing an ice cube directly on to the pimples for a few seconds it will constrict the blood vessels within the cyst, therefore reducing pain and redness within the breakout.
Snore Zone
A thing that a lot of acne sufferers do not consider is that there are certain household items that touch their skin for long periods of time, such as bedding, sheets and towels. Therefore, in order to help your skin you should avoid washing these in harsh chemical based detergents, instead, you should opt for natural laundry detergents that are unscented and have no chemicals in them, of which there are numerous to choose some on the market.

Regular changing of all bedding, towels and so forth will also help stop dirt and bacteria spreading which also aid the treatment of acne.

Calming Skin Routine

Obtaining and maintaining a good skin cleansing regime is an essential treatment for acne. Making sure that you are cleaning your skin with a gentle cleansing facial wash and moisturising with a sensitive moisturiser that is oil – free and contains no scenting chemicals.

Beauty is not only skin deep

Try not to obsess over your skin, I know it is easier said than done but believe me if you can get into this mindset it will be better in the long term for your skin. It is a natural human instinct if you are looking at something like a spot and so forth in a mirror then the more inclined you will be to pick and squeeze it. Due to the sheer depth of the cysts, picking and squeezing the pimples will have little to no effect and could potentially just make the break out worse by cross-contaminating it with more pus, bacteria and dirt. On s cosmetic level picking the pimples will just make them more aggravated, red and sore and will also run the risk of obtaining scarring from the picked pimples.

Relaxing is so important

It sounds ridiculous but by relaxing you can actually be helping your cystic pimple outbreaks.
As it seems to be with everything, stress can make acne outbreaks worse, whether you’re stressing about work, school, exams, or something else completely unrelated to acne it will still go straight to the outbreak and make the pimples flare up and become aggravated.
Therefore, an important natural remedy for acne is to find a way to de-stress and relax whether it is listening to music, playing sport, meeting friends or something simple like reading, whatever it is find what works for you and make it work for your skin.

Sleeping Beauty

Along with the importance of relaxation, sleep is a major natural way to help cystic acne. Getting a great night’s sleep can increase wellbeing and help balance out hormone levels both of which will help breakouts of cystic pimples, whilst also giving them time to heal.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise can benefit the human body tenfold. As well as improving and maintaining overall wellbeing it can also help to detoxify the toxins out of the body

Using essential oils

There are some oils that are good for skin breakouts and in particular, lavender and tea tree oil are incredible for cystic acne and it comes in many different forms. The most effective way would be to apply a couple of drops directly to the area.

Trying the cystic acne diet

There are so many diet crazes and fads out there, however, this is not one of them. it simply concentrates on the foods that you should try to avoid and the foods that you should consume a lot of. For instance, you should avoid fatty and fast food but consume lots of zinc rich and protein-rich foods. This diet will be covered in detail in another article.

Acne can be a nightmare however with some patience and willing participation, trying these natural remedies may help it become nothing but a distant dream.

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