Know Everything about Cytic Acne, Whitehead, Blackheads and Pimples

Know Everything about Cytic Acne, Whitehead, Blackheads and Pimples

The Cystic Acne Diet

Although not life-threatening or necessarily critical, cystic acne is possibly one of the most emotionally stressful and draining conditions that people suffer around the world. It truly makes people suffer agonizing pain every day globally. Therefore, if medications and so forth are not working, try changing something that you have control over – what you put into your body. Therefore, by choosing a cystic acne diet which eliminates thoughts that are deemed to affect aspects of acne, and concentrates on the food that is deemed good for you and that does not flare up the skin. Following this diet will not get rid of cystic acne or acne of any severity totally, nevertheless it will enhance your complexion noticeably, simply by eradicating some foods from your diet. Therefore this article will concentrate on the foods you should and shouldn’t eat and some supplements that you could incorporate into your diet also.

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Foods that should be avoided

The foods that should be limited or avoided altogether are
Usual Dairy Products- these products generally can be very hard to digest and many people have noticed a sizeable difference in their acne when they have eliminated milk, cheese, butter and other milk products such as ice cream and chocolate. If you think that dairy may be making your acne worse or you would like to see if eliminating it makes a difference, you could try a two-week trial and look for improvements. If your acne improves you can then decide whether to eliminate it completely or whether to introduce some dairy back slowly but make it dairy of a good quality.
Sugar/ high-glycemic foods – food that is high in sugar or foods with a high glycemic content such as pasta and white bread, can aggravate the inflammation in your body and make it worse. By eating large amounts of sugar food and products that are high in grains can increase the amount of candida and yeast in your body by feeding it, this can also increase the frequency of acne outbursts. To combat that if you like sugar with hot drinks or in the mornings on breakfast cereal then you could try a natural sweetener, there are many on the market that are plant-based.
Caffeine and Chocolate – experts are continuously stating that caffeine and chocolate have no effect on breakouts, however, it is a proven fact that both caffeine and chocolate can raise your hormone levels, which in turn affects your breakouts. That being the case by eliminating these from your diet, even by limiting them will help balance out your hormones, and ergo reduce your stress.
Low Fibre High Processed Foods – these foods have a negative effect on the health of your gut, which is directly linked to the health of your skin. If you eat a lot of foods such as microwave meals and so forth then, this will create an unhealthy shift in your bodies microbial colonies. This sends out inflammation throughout the body resulting in cystic acne flare-ups or making current acne worse.
Fried and Fast Food – these cause a lot of ingredients that can cause an inflammation flare up which will affect acne.

Foods To Eat

Probiotic- Rich Food – when you eat food high in probiotics or in friendly bacteria then it lines your gut creating a healthy barrier against anything that can cause inflammation thereby fighting acne from inside out.
High – Zinc Foods – zinc promotes a healthy digestive tract which influences skin health, consume foods such as chickpeas, cashews, pumpkin seeds and grass-fed beef.
Vitamin A – Rich Foods – these foods fight infection and speed up the healing process. Eat foods such as kale, carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes.
Fibre-Rich Foods – these encourage colon cleansing and have detoxifying elements which are great for skin health. Eat vegetables, seeds, fruits and nuts.
High-quality Protein Foods – high in protein and helps balance blood sugar levels which can also have a major effect on acne. Eat grass- fed beef, organic chicken, wild caught fish and free- range eggs.
Liver Supportive Foods – hormones are produced in the liver and therefore eating foods that can maintain, stabilise and support the liver can only help your skin in the long run. Eat foods such as cauliflower, broccoli, leafy greens and fruits.

Supplements to incorporate

Vitex – a plant-based herbal remedy recommended for acne that is brought on by hormones.
Guggulsterone – a remedy made from the sap of an Indian tree. This has been found to be more effective than medication in trials that have been conducted.

These are the basics of the cystic acne diet, no one is saying it will be a miracle cure but by stabilizing the skin a small bit could make you feel amazing.

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